Travel Wellness Program

Keeping your travel healthy through pre-travel counseling and immunizations

You’ve purchased the ticket and booked the hotel. Now what? – BOOK YOUR PRE-TRAVEL COUNSELLING AND IMMUNIZATION APPOINTMENT.

When should I schedule the visit?

Ideally the initial consult will be at least 4 -8 weeks prior to departure because some vaccines require multiple injections over several months. Timely immunization allows your body to develop adequate immunity before your trip starts.

What travel vaccines do I need?

Travel vaccines are not as simple as the preventive health vaccination schedule where it’s the same for everyone. What you need depends on your itinerary, medical history, life and traveling style. The same destination does not imply the same recommendations as the backpacker will face different situations then say a traveler staying in four star accommodations. That’s where we will guide through the maze as we are an official state licensed yellow fever vaccination site and can provide all travel and routine vaccines.

I’m leaving on my trip next week. Is it too late to get the necessary vaccines?

However if your travel plans are last minute, not to worry as we can provide you with a few vaccines and the much needed pre-travel counseling on such measures as food and water precautions, personal safety issues, malaria risk and situations to avoid.

I know other travelers who did not get vaccinated and they are just fine so is this really necessary?

Yes. Vaccination against potentially deadly diseases that you may come into contact with on your trip is just plain common sense. Preventing illness on your trip is extremely important since the medical care you receive abroad may not be consistent with the standards of the United States of America.

What if I can’t remember my vaccination history?

While it is best if you do have documentation of your immunization history we can still advise you on the recommended vaccines for your trip. Just a hint but you may find that your parents, school nurse or primary care doctor has a copy of your history.

What happens if I have a chronic illness and take medication, can I still travel?

Yes, but you will need to schedule two types of appointments. At the pre-traveling counseling and vaccination appointment you will be assessed for necessary vaccines and counseled on specific issues relating to your trip. We also recommend a visit to your primary care provider to ensure that you are medically prepared to travel with sufficient medication to last the entire trip. If you don’t have a Primary Care doctor at this time then we can help as Piedmont Primary Care is also a family medicine practice.

Does my health insurance company cover travel vaccines?

We are contracted with any insurance plans for pre-traveling counseling and vaccinations. We accept payment at the time of your visit. We accept all major credit cards, money orders and cash but not personal checks. The majority of insurance plans do not cover travel vaccines, however, you will be provided upon request with at claim form which you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.