Medical Services

Piedmont Primary Care medical providers are trained in primary care, specializing in either family medicine or internal medicine. We offer medical services to everyone; from newborns to senior members of the community. Our medical services include: Preventive health physicals for children and adults, women’s annual exams and management of birth control, chronic disease management as well outpatient minor surgical procedures.

Promoting Wellness

  1. Annual health physical for children and adults
  2. Woman’s health screening and care, including pap smears and breast exams
  3. Childhood and adult immunizations
  4. Family planning

Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Illnesses

  1. Diagnosis and management of diabetes
  2. Evaluation and treatment of high blood pressure
  3. Evaluation and treatment of high cholesterol
  4. Evaluation and treatment of asthma and chronic pulmonary disease
  5. Evaluation and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders

Other Medical Services

  1. Minor surgical procedures
    • Treatment of infection and abscess
    • Wart management – cryotherapy, chemical therapy and surgical therapy
    • Repair of lacerations
    • Wound care
    • Joint injections
    • Care of infected nails
    • Care of first and second degree burns
    • Skin biopsies
    • IUD removal
  2. Pain management
  3. Evaluation and in-office surgery of many skin conditions